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If you’re looking to Sell Agilent HP 8140A Optical Loss Tester 81412A 81401A

Hewlett Packard / Agilent 8140A Optical Loss Test Set w/ HP 81412A & HP 81401A Modules

The HP 8140A Loss Test Set is a versatile, accurate, and portable fiber optic test instrument. It can be used as a power meter, as a loss test set, or as a light source. Versatility is enhanced by using a mainframe and a range of source and sensor modules. In this way, the HP 8140A covers all the wavelengths commonly used.

General Specifications:
* Recalibration Period: 1Year
* Storage Temp: -40c to +75c
* Operating Temp: -10c to +55c
* Humidity: <95% R.H. from 0c to +40c
* Mains Adapter: 110 to 250V
* Batteries: 4 x AA
* HP Part No. 08140-90011

Included Modules:

Agilent / HP 81401A Sensor Module:
* Wavelength: 750 – 1700nm
* Fiber Type: up to 100/ 140 um
* Measure Range: +3 to -70dBm , 2mW to 1pW
* Noise Floor: <3pW pp
* Meas. Uncertnty: +5%
* Cal. Wavelength: 820nm / 850nm / 1300nm / 1550nm
* Sensor Element: InGaAs

Agilent / HP 81412A Source Module:
* Wavelength: 1300+20nm
* Spectr. Bandwdth: <140nm FWHM
* Output Power1: >-20dBm
* Dynamic Range1: >50dB
* Stability: 0.03dB

Buying, Selling, Trading Agilent HP 8140A

* HP Agilent 8140A Optical Loss Test Set
* Agilent / HP 81401A InGaAs-PD 820nm, 850nm, 1300nm, 1550nm Plug-in Optical Sensor Module for 8140A Optical Loss Test Set
* Agilent / HP 81412A LED: =1300nm Plug-in Optical Source Module for 8140A Optical Loss Test Set
* Agilent / HP 81000VB Bare Fiber Adapter
* (2) Fiber Patch Cords
* AC Power Adapter
* User Manual
* Hard Carrying Case w/ Carrying Strap

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