Selling EXFO FLS-230A– We Buy New Used FLS-230A(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO FLS-230A Visual Fault Locator
EXFO FLS-230A Features

  • Bright and powerful red laser at 650 nm
  • Optimized visibility for short and long range (up to 5 km)
  • —0.5 dBm power output
  • Continuous and pulsed operation
  • Three-way powering with automatic shut-off function
  • Modulation mode: 1 Hz and 50 % duty cycle
  • Universal 2.5 mm connector

Highly visual fault location
The FLS-230A helps you visually pinpoint the location of breaks, faulty splices, or connectors within CO splice trays and patch panels. The bright red glow of the FLS-230A indicates where attenuation is reducing your system’s performance. Its highly visible laser signal warns you in the event of abnormal losses.

On-the-spot applications

  • Locates breaks, pinches, or tight bends, even through light-colored fiber jackets
  • Troubleshoots faults within OTDR dead zones
  • Accelerates end-to-end fiber identification

Maximum visibility at short and long ranges
Since it uses a 650 nm laser source, the FLS-230A offers optimal performance, both at short and long ranges. It appears three times brighter than conventional 670 nm fault locators at the launch point, and provides long-distance range for end-to-end identification. In bright ambient light, the flashing mode increases the visibility of the red signal.

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO FLS-230A

Durability and portability
You can take the FLS-230A anywhere. It is designed to withstand demanding field conditions in a number of environments. A shock-absorbent protective holster provides a convenient tilt stand and a shoulder strap. The tough polycarbonate casing protects the fault locator in case of accidental drops, and the sealed keypad resists splashes and harsh weather.

Three-way powering goes a long way
The FLS-230A relies on three complementary power sources for extended operation. When the rechargeable NiCd battery runs low, the unit automatically switches to the 9 V alkaline battery backup. An AC adapter/charger is also supplied for continuous operation.

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Selling EXFO FOT-90A&FLS-210A– We Buy New Used FOT-90A&FLS-210A(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO FOT-90A&FLS-210AFiber Optic Loss Test Set

  • Ultra-High Power™ models
  • Programmable data acquisition
  • Extended memory
  • Automatic wavelength recognition
  • Data-management software

The FOT-90A Power Meter, one of the most complete fiber-optic power meters available, just got better. EXFO is leading the industry again by being the first to offer +35 dBm capability in a handheld instrument. This sturdy unit has received worldwide acceptance in the fiber-optic industry. In a world where technology seems to change every second, the FOT-90A continues to demonstrate its superiority by providing reliable performance and accurate measurements.
The FOT-90A is a high-performance unit for power/loss testing of fiber-optic links and components. It features an automated wavelength-recognition system with intelligent testing options. Paired with a compatible light source (FLS-210A or FLS-210B), the FOT-90A automatically recognizes operating calibration wavelength parameters, then averages, validates and stores loss data with easy onebutton operation.

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO FOT-90A&FLS-210A

Key Features

  • Up to +35 dBm capability with Ultra-High-Power™ model
  • Optional RS-232 interface
  • Large, easy-to-read, backlight display
  • Data-management software available


Networks today need high power. The networks of tomorrow will require even more. This growing demand for power is driven by the stress being placed on fiber-optic networks.

Leading developers are using high-power systems to meet escalating requirements. Increased demand for DWDM and longer cable spans have created a need to boost power with EDFAs; this trend will continue.

Couple growing network demands with the still higher power levels being measured in research labs: It quickly becomes evident that the ability to measure this greater power will be essential.

EXFO is introducing another industry first in the FOT-90A Power Meter. Directly measure the absolute power of high-output fibers in the field with its Ultra-High Power™ capabilities. Accurately measure signals with power levels as high as 35 dBm without neglecting those at the lower end of the dBm range. The FOT-90A Ultra-High Power™ option accurately measures signals as low as —43 dBm, making it the complete solution for advanced networks.


EXFO FLS-210A Light Source

The FLS-210A is a high-performance light source that contains LED or laser sources with variable power output levels from 0 dB to 5 dB and from 0 dB to 10 dB, respectively. Combine the FLS-210A with the FOT-90A fiber-optic power meter to measure power and loss in singlemode and multimode fibers. The FLS-210A is the only source in its class capable of performing both manual and automatic tests when combined with a compatible power meter.


Key Features

  • FasTesT-compatible
  • Three-way powering
  • Automatic mode for streamlined documentation

FasTesT automatically performs a single- or dual-wavelength loss test at the touch of a button. Perform automated attenuation measurements by referencing the FOT-90A Power Meter and FLS-210A Variable Light Source, then simply press the FasTesT button on the FLS-210A. The compatible power meter at the other end will automatically acquire and store readings. The result is efficient data acquisition at a reduced risk of error.

Dual-Wavelength Selection
The FLS-210A is available in single- (1300 nm, 1550 nm) or dual-wavelength (850/1300 nm, 1310/1550 nm) configurations. Dual-wavelength models toggle between sources and use the same output connector for maximum efficiency and accuracy. For applications requiring stable sources, select the cooled laser option.

Variable Output Advantage
The FLS-210A features variable outputs over a 10 dB range for laser versions and a 5 dB range for LED versions. Either version can be adjusted by increments of 0.1 dB. The laser output is –2 dBm, –3 dBm or –7 dBm, depending on the chosen source.

Outstanding Features
The FLS-210A provides 2 kHz tone modulation, a large, backlit LCD, three-way powering (AC adapter/charger, NiCd, 9 V alkaline battery), low-battery indicator and auto-off function. The unit is housed in a durable polycarbonate case, designed to withstand any field conditions. The FLS-210A offers portable lab-quality performance.

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Selling EXFO FLS-235P – We Buy New Used FLS-235PA (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO FLS-235P Pocket Pal Visual Fault Locator

EXFO FLS-235 Pocket Pal Visual Fault Locator
The Pocket Pal is EXFO’s easiest way to perform end-to-end fiber identification or to pinpoint breaks, macrobends, faulty connectors or splices, and other causes of signal loss, up to a distance of 5km. Compatible with singlemode and multimode fibers, this convenient loss finder emits bright red light at the exact location of the fault, often visible even through the orange or yellow jacket of a single fiber cable.

Thanks to its small size, light weight, and simple but proven design, the Pocket Pal can accompany you anywhere. In your pocket or in the supplied belt pouch, carry your FLS-235 along to the most demanding environment. To ensure ruggedness, it features rubber seals, fully enclosed laser head, and long-lasting mechanical switch which has been tested to provide a minimum of 100,000 operations without failure of apparent wear. The Pocket Pal has also been designed to withstand an accidental drop of 1 m (3 ft).

The standard Pocket Pal is equipped with a 635-nm source. Due to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, this wavelength is about seven times more visible than a 670-nm wavelength. On the other hand, the 635-nm signal is attenuated almost twice as fast in a fiber. That is why you can also purchase a junior version of the Pocket Pal with a 670-nm source.

The choice of a particular version of the Pocket Pal depends on the distance range at which the unit will be most frequently used. The 635-nm version is more visible than the 670-nm version for a short distance but becomes less visible after a certain distance. For example, in an undamaged sinlgemode fiber, the estimated distance at which a 670-nm source becomes more visible than a 635-nm source is 1.76 km (about 1.1 mi).

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO FLS-235P

The Pocket Pal features either a 2-Hz pulsed source (FLS-235P) or a continuous wave (CW) source (FLS-235C).

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Selling EXFO EPM-50– We Buy New Used EPM-50(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO EPM-50 FiberBasix

Worry-free, Simple and good to go
EXFO’s FiberBasix 50 series meets your basic day-to-day test requirements while helping you stay within budget. These worryfree, straightforward handheld testers enable accurate measurement of signal attenuation during fiber-optic cable installation.

EXFO FiberBasix EPM-50 Power Meter

High Accuracy And Referencing
The EPM-50 Power Meter provides highly accurate power measurements, as well as reference value setting capabilities. It offers power measurements up to 26 to -50 dBm Power Range and power autonomy of 300 hours, for reliable, long-lasting performance in the field.

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO EPM-50


  • Rugged design
  • Interchangeable connector adapters
  • 300 hours of battery life
  • Tone recognition for ? ber identi? cation
  • Universal push-pull interface
  • Reference function for direct loss measurements

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Selling EXFO VCS-15A – We Buy New Used VCS-15A (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO VCS-15A Voice Communicator SM Fiber Talk Set

EXFO VCS-15A Optical Talk Set

Talk during fiber-optic cable installation and maintenance
There is always plenty to talk about during fiber-optic cable installation and maintenance, and now the VCS-15A Optical Talk Set lets you do just that. It is designed to allow voice communication over fiber-optic cables. It can also be used as a light source to facilitate testing and fiber identification.

Talk about easy!
Making a connection with the VCS-15A Optical Talk Set is easy. A simple touch of the call button automatically establishes communication. The audible call function signals you the instant there’s a link and also emits a signal if you happen to lose the communication link. The conference call feature allows you to easily establish multiparty communications.

The all-new telephone bridge capability will have everybody talking
The VCS-15A’s exclusive Telephone Bridge lets installation and maintenance crews connect to the technical expertise they need, wherever it may be found, whenever they need it. All they need to do is to establish a link between two talk sets, use a regular telephone to reach the needed resource, and then connect the telephone and talk set together using the telephone handset cable.

Get your crews talking
The VCS-15A Optical Talk Set is a cost-effective tool that no installation and maintenance crew should ever be without… and now they don’t have to be!


  • Over 70 hours of autonomy
  • Telephone bridge and conference call features
  • Light source capabilities
  • Audible call function (buzzer)
  • Auto power save

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO VCS-15A


Emitter type laser
Wavelength (nm) 1310 ±30
Dynamic range (dB) 40
Distance range (km) 114
Technology Digital full-duplex
Microphone Electret type
Multiparty communication Telephone bridge and conference call
Wavelength (nm) 1310 ±30
Typical output power (CW) (dBm) -3
Typical output power (2 kHz) (dBm) -6
Stability (dB) ±0.1
Power requirements
Internal battery type NiMH
Internal battery life 18 hrs
Recharge time 3 hrs, typ
External power consumption 500 mA @ 12 V dc
Replaceable battery type 4 AA alkaline cells
Replaceable battery life 54 hrs
Size (H x W x D) 19 x 10 x 4 cm 71 /2 x 4 x 11 /2 in.
Temperature operating -10 to 60°C 14 to 140°F
storage -30 to 60°C -22 to 140°F
Relative humidity 95% RH, non-condensing
Altitude maximum 5000 m
Weight 450 g 1 lb

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Selling EXFO PPM-350C– We Buy New Used PPM-350C(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO PPM-350C Power Meter

  • Simultaneous measurement of all PON signals, anywhere on the network
  • Innovative workflow management, for boosted test routine efficiency
  • Enhanced rugged and weatherproof design
  • Protected data format, for guaranteed test result authenticity


The Frontrunner Now Runs Even Faster

When FTTH was first deployed, EXFO was there to test it, namely by pioneering the simultaneous upstream/downstream measurement technique via a pass-through connection. In fact, the EXFO-pioneered PPM-350 series, which quickly established itself as the clear-cut leader in the PON power meter market—over 21 000 units have been sold until now—has played an important part in major FTTH deployments worldwide.

Since then, we have developed our instrument even more to provide you with the best PON power meter yet. The PPM-350C enables quick, on-site testing of all PON signals, anywhere on the network. Its new workflow management capabilities and enhanced ruggedness will increase the efficiency of your daily deployment activities.

Moreover, its visual fault locator port allows for easy fiber identification and macrobend location. This handheld unit also features pass/warning/fail LED indicators with user-defined thresholds.

Reliable Performance, Whether the Elements Agree or Not

Thanks to its enhanced weatherproof design and straightforward user interface, and building on the strength of its predecessor, the PPM-350B, the PPM-350C PON Power Meter establishes a new FTTx testing benchmark. It delivers fast, reliable results, even when used in cold, wet or windy conditions.

Easy-to-Access Data Storage

The unit’s data storage capabilities provide ultimate flexibility. Transfer your data quickly and easily, store your test results for future reference and generate a wide range of FTTH reports. Moreover, the PPM-350C allows you to store up to 1000 test results, which are downloadable through its USB interface.

Simultaneous Measurement of All PON Signals

The PPM-350C acts as a pass-through device, allowing the simultaneous measurement and display of all PON signals—voice, data and video. This patented, built-in technology facilitates service activation testing and troubleshooting.

Quick and Efficient Visual Inspection

Whether for identifying breaks, bends, faulty connectors or splices, as well as other causes of signal loss, the PPM-350C’s optional visual fault locator (VFL) enables quick and easy troubleshooting. This valuable option helps you shorten time-to-restoration cycles and increase the productivity of your field crews.

Automated Pass/Warning/Fail Assessment

In addition to user-defined thresholds, EXFO’s new PON power meter offers pass/warning/fail LED indicators that allow you to clearly and quickly assess your network’s power level. This user-friendly feature facilitates QoS verification.

Rugged and Weatherproof Design

Truly rugged and weatherproof, the PPM-350C is the ideal tool for technicians working outdoors. What’s more, its enhanced design also features a waterproof keyboard, port cover flaps and a protective cap.

Unique Workflow Management, for Faster Deployments

Ensure the authenticity of each measure

Eliminate the guesswork with EXFO’s comprehensive and easy-to-use data-storage interface designed with PON testing in mind. As such, test results can be stored and flagged per OLT, per ONT and even per location. Then, they are stored in a protected data format, ensuring the authenticity of each measure.

Customize Location Names, Inside and Outside

The computer interface allows easy customization of OLT, ONT and location names. Start testing right away; don’t waste time naming the files. This time-saving feature eliminates the risk of errors. Each file is named correctly so you don’t have to worry about having to rename each file when you are back at the office.

Eliminate Wrong Data Naming and Speed Up Test Routines

The PPM-350C features a Job Editor mode, which allows you to pre-configure upcoming jobs in the unit’s memory. Once on location, you simply have to select the job ID, the ONT number and the location ID for quick data storage—making the need to carry your work schedule in the field a thing of the past. This is the best way to link results with customers/activations, also called jobs. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Configure jobs at the office prior to a work session
  2. Perform field service activation and/or troubleshooting
  3. Generate a job report in a few minutes

Plus, if the Job Editor mode is not configured, you can still store your results using generic names, for quick and efficient testin

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO PPM-350C

Power measurement range—pass zone for continuous data stream (dBm)
1310 nm 8 to –40
1490 nm 12 to –40
1550 nm 25 to –40
Burst measurement capability CO to ONT
Burst measurement range b (dBm)
1310 nm 8 to –30
ORL e (dB)
1550 nm 55
Pass-through insertion loss b (dB) 1.5
Spectral passband (nm)
1310 nm 1260 to 1360
1490 nm 1480 to 1500
1550 nm 1539 to 1565
Power uncertainty b, c, d (dB) 0.5
Calibrated wavelengths (nm) 1310/1490/1550
Threshold sets 10 configurable threshold sets with threshold naming


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Selling EXFO VCS-20A MM – We Buy New Used VCS-20A MM (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO VCS-20A MM Multifunction Fiber Optic Talk Set

The VCS-20A Multifunction Fiber-Optic Talk Set brings together four convenient tools in a single test set, combining a full-duplex digital talk set, a stable light source, a 2 kHz tone generator and a 2 kHz tone detector. The VCS-20A can be configured for singlemode and multimode applications with LED or laser sources.

Multiple Applications The VCS-20A fulfills more than simple communication needs. In fact, the light source is calibrated and is stable in time and temperature. Use continuous wave selection to perform attenuation and insertion loss tests. Why carry an extra source when one VCS-20A does it all? Extended Dynamic Range Two new configurations have extended the VCS-20A’s dynamic range to 50 dB. This wide range makes it possible to use new applications requiring clip-on devices.

Easy-to-Use Talk Set This unit is rugged and provides high-quality voice communication over a single fiber. The unit’s hands-free operation is convenient and simple: press the Talk button to send or receive a call. As usual, conversations are as clear as if both operators were in the same room. Powerful and Durable For hours of flawless operation, the three-way powering function automatically selects the best alternative among the choices of rechargeable NiMH battery, 9 V alkaline backup and AC adapter/charger input. Its rugged waterproof casing and protective holster make the VCS-20A the preferred field-testing instrument in the outside plant industry.


Voice communication over optical fiber
Link-loss characterization

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO VCS-20A MM

Key Features and Benefits

Dynamic range of 50 dB
Full-duplex communication over a single fiber
Crystal-clear, noise-free digital transmission
Four instruments in one
Hands-free operation
Three-way powering

Emitter type
Wavelength (nm) 1300 ± 30
Spectral width (typical) (nm) 80
Optimum fiber type (µm)
Distance rangeb (approximately) (km/mi.)
Power output (dBm)/dynamic range (dB)
9 / 125 µm
-32 / 13
50 / 125µm
-17 / 33
62.5 / 125µm
-17 / 26
Stability (dB)
1 hour ± 0.05
8 hours ± 0.20
General Specifications
Size (H x W x D)
220 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm
(8 3/4 in x 4 1/2 in x 2 in)
0.88 kg (1 3/4 lb)
shipping 2.5 kg (5 lb)
operating -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
storage -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F)
Relative humidity 0 % to 95 % non-condensing
Power Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery lasts 17 hours from full charge, recharges in 6 hours; 9 V battery backup supply lasts 10 hours.
Automatic transfer to disposable batteries when rechargeable battery pack runs low. AC adapter/charger for continuous use.

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Selling EXFO FOT-922X – We Buy New Used FOT-922X(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO FOT-922X Singlemode Fiber Meter
The FOT-920 MaxTester Automated Loss Test Set is the unit of choice for field technicians in network installation and maintenance. This unit integrates a fully automated bidirectional loss test set (OLTS), a light source and the Ultra-High-Power™ power meter with useful options to create versatile combinations.

High-Fiber-Count Installation

The FOT-920 gives you the edge when it comes to high-fiber-count installation. First, when doing a large volume of testing, the return on your investment takes less than a year. Second, the FOT-920 reduces the time you spend testing, training and in the field, making it ideal for outside plant applications.

Maximize your testing capacity with the FOT-920 MaxTester.


  • FasTesT—automated bidirectional loss testing
  • Optical return loss testing
  • Simultaneous testing and locating
  • Ultra-High-Power™ power meter

Key Benefits:

  • Automated dual-wavelength bidirectional loss testing on one connector in less than 30 seconds
  • Storage of up to 512 fiber records
  • Message-exchange capability
  • Backreflection capacity ideal for OC-48 and OC-192 systems
  • Power meter with up to 35 dBm capability
  • Three-way powering: NiMH and 9V batteries; AC adapter/charger

The All-in-One Unit

Bidirectional, Dual-Wavelength Testing and Professional Reports
EXFO understands that your time is valuable; that’s why the FOT-920 features the patented FasTesT system. FasTesT automatically measures single-fiber loss in both directions, at two wavelengths, in less than 30 seconds. To speed up the reporting process, the FOT-920 stores all test results in its non-volatile memory; later, you can file test data according to your own cable identification scheme. Create more extensive reports, including user and test location information, with ToolBox 6 software (included). Download, print or store results on a computer hard drive.

Optical Return Loss (ORL)
With widespread use of OC-48 and OC-192 transmission systems, bandwidth is essential. Flawless operation of high-data-rate systems depends on measurement and control of backreflection or optical return loss (ORL).

ORL can affect transmissions by

  • Destabilizing DFB laser sources
  • Interfering with high-frequency analog signals
  • Increasing the bit error rate in high-frequency digital signals

Simply measure ORL with the FOT-920 using the optical continuous wave reflectometer (OCWR) method.

Maximizing Testing Efficiency
The FOT-920 MaxTester is a compact, portable test tool that stands up to virtually any field environment. It features a splashproof casing, durable shoulder strap and long-life rechargeable battery. The backlit alphanumeric display quickly and easily shows you results and messages under any light conditions.

Data Management

With increasing fiber deployment in Telco and CATV networks, busy fiber installation companies sometimes hire subcontractors to perform installation jobs. But subcontractors need to provide test documentation to show that a job meets specifications.

Now, subcontractors who use the FOT-920 can produce quality documentation efficiently. Thanks to the data logging and management features of the FOT-920, users can archive results and download information through the RS-232 port to a PC for professional analysis and report generation.

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO FOT-922X


Power Meter


Detector type


Measurement range2 (dBm)

10 to –68

Uncertainty3, 4 (%)


Wavelength range (nm)

780 to 1625

Resolution3 (dB)


Linearity2, 3, 4 (dB)

± 0.06



Emitter type


Wavelengths (nm)

1550± 25/

1625± 20

Output power (dBm)

= 7.0/7.0

Spectral width8 (nm)

= 5/5

Stability (8 hours)4, 11 (dB)

± 0.1/± 0.1

FasTesT range (dB)


Maximum deviation9 (dB)

± 0.35/± 0.5

ORL range10 (dB)


ORL uncertainty3, 4, 10 (dB)

± 0.4

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Selling EXFO FOT-930 SM – We Buy New Used FOT-930 SM (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO FOT-930 SM Fiber Tester FOT-932X

OT-932x MaxTester II

The new FOT-932 MaxTester II Multifunction Loss Tester is designed to help network service providers address CAPEX and OPEX issues, enable installers to easily adapt to all network types, and provide CATV operators with a single-unit solution to their backreflection, fiber-length, high-power and bidirectional loss measurement needs. Combined with its video fiber inspection probe, this unit also enables the easy detection of dirty or damaged connectors, providing a clear view of connectors and fiber ends on the FOT-932’s high-resolution display.

With countless configurations available, the FOT-932 MaxTester II is the handheld unit of choice for today’s network service providers, fiber-optic network installers/contractors and CATV operators.

FTTx-Mode Operation

This mode lets you configure your FOT-930 MaxTester to suit your FTTx wavelengths and test-unit locations  as well as choose your preferred data presentation options for on-screen display or report generation. Key benefits include:

  • Display of test data according to FTTx terminology
  • Similar test-data presentation, regardless of the location of master and remote units

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO FOT-930 SM

Power Meter


Detector type

Measurement range (dBm) 26 to –55

Uncertainty (%)

± 5 % ± 3 nW

Wavelength range (nm)

800 to 1650

Resolution (dB)


Calibrated wavelengths


Wavelengths (nm) 1310 ± 20
1550 ± 20
Emitter Type Laser
Minimum Output Power (dBm) -1/-1
Spectral Width (nm) = 5/= 5
Stability (8 Hours) (dB) ±0.05

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Selling EXFO ELS-500– We Buy New Used ELS-500(‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell EXFO ELS-500 Fiber Loss Test Set
The Choice Solution for Network-Link Certification

  • Pass/fail thresholds and LED indicator
  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items; data transfer to a PC via USB connection
  • Error-free testing: automatic wavelength switching, and no offset nulling required
  • One-touch storage of results for all wavelengths at once (on the EPM-500)
  • Complete reporting software

The FiberBasix 500 series includes two highly convenient instruments:

  • The ELS-500 Light Source, combining up to four wavelengths and available in four specific configurations
  • The EPM-500 Power Meter, which offers high accuracy and referencing capabilities

Buying, Selling, Trading EXFO ELS-500
Rugged, Reliable, Convenient
Like all EXFO portable instruments, FiberBasix 500 handhelds are built for top ruggedness and convenience, perfect for the harshest test conditions. They feature a keypad/LCD backlight, for easy operation in darker environments, rechargeable batteries and interchangeable connectors.

ELS-500 Light Source:
Multiwavelength Testing Capability

The EXFO’s ELS-500 Light Source provides excellent stability and high measurement accuracy with your choice of two wavelengths (850/1300 nm or 1310/1550 nm) on a single port, or four wavelengths (850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm) on two ports. With its automatic wavelength switching mode, it is the perfect complement to the EPM-500 Power Meter when it comes to quickly and easily measuring attenuation on fiber-optic links.

  • Tone generation for use with the EPM-500 Power Meter
  • Automatic wavelength switching
  • Highest singlemode output power in the industry


EPM-500 Power Meter:
High Accuracy and Easy Referencing

The EPM-500 Power Meter provides highly accurate power measurements, as well as reference value setting capabilities. What’s more, this convenient unit requires no offset nulling, for reliable, long-lasting performance in the field. When paired with an ELS-500 Light Source used in Auto-Switching mode, the power meter allows for semi-automated loss measurement, providing easy, error-free testing.

  • Tone detection and automatic wavelength switching
  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items; data transfer to a PC via USB connection
  • Passfail/fail threshholds and LED indicators
  • No offset nulling required


ELS-500 Specfications

Central wavelength (nm) 850 ± 25
1300 +50/-10
1310 ± 20
1550 ± 20
Spectral width (nm) 50/135 = 5
Output power (dBm) = -20/= -20 (62.5/125 µm) = 1/= 1
Automatic wavelength switching Yes Yes
Tone generation 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz
Battery life (hours) (typical in Auto mode) 50 50


EPM-500 Specfications

Detector Ge
Power range (dBm) 10 to -70
Wavelength range (nm) 800 to 1650
Number of calibrated wavelengths 6
Power uncertainty ±5 % ± 0.1 nW
Automatic offset nulling Yes
Display units dB, dBm, W
Tone detection 270 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz
Automatic wavelength recognition Yes
Warm-up period (min) 0
Data storage (items) Up to 1000
Battery life (hours) (typical) 70

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