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Divot Bare Fiber Testing Device
The Divot® is designed to quickly connect to unterminated fiber for testing, servicing or communication requirements. Connect the patch cable included with the system to your test equipment and insert bare fiber into the end of the Divot® module. Preparation of the bare fiber is easy. Simply strip and clean a few inches of fiber down to 125uM cladding. Cleave fiber leaving approximately 3/4” of bare fiber exposed. Insert the bare fiber into the Divot® module until it stops. The device will accept a non-cleaved fiber with a typical insertion loss of less than 0.8dB. Cleaved fiber will result in even lower insertion loss. Connections are suitable for many testing applications with results similar to a standard terminated piece of fiber.


  • Internal replaceable cartridge filled with optical coupling compound
  • Low insertion loss
  • No dipping, messy applicators or external reservoirs to fill
  • LiteLOCK® Technology
  • Quickly test fiber without terminating
  • Accepts non-cleaved fiber
  • Repeatable and Reusable

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