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560XL Power Meter
The XL fiberTOOLS™ are designed for the professional to perform installation and maintenance measurements on fiber optic cabling networks. The instrument family consists of individual devices (optical power meters, 850/1300nm LED sources, 1310/1550nm Laser sources, Visual Fault Locator) and complete Insertion Loss Test Sets. The XL fiberTOOLS™ are designed to accurately measure optical power levels and link loss on multimode and singlemode cabling networks. These full feature general purpose fiber optic instruments are easy to operate and economically priced to outfit all technicians performing fiber optic installation and maintenance.

Measure Insertion Loss and Optical Power
Do not confuse the small size of the 560XL with its ability to provide powerful results. The optical power meter is the perfect tool for installation and testing of fiber optic cabling. The 560XL can be used to measure optical power or used in conjunction with a LED or Laser source to perform insertion loss testing on multimode and singlemode fiber optic cabling. The 560XL measures optical power at 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm and 1550nm. It can store reference levels for faster, more efficient testing. The 560XL uses Snap On Connector interface (SOC) to connect FC, SC and ST connectors.

• Easy to use – three buttons control all functions
• Loss measurements in (dB) power measurements in (dBm)
• 0.01dB measurement resolution
• Multi-wavelength storage – stores and recalls reference power levels for faster, more efficient measurements
• Snap on connector interface adapts to FC, SC and ST connectors
• Long battery life – approx. 100 hours continuous operation
• User selectable auto shut-off
• Rugged and splash-proof

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580XL Laser Source

The 580XL is the perfect light source for performing insertion loss testing on single mode fiber optic cabling. Dual wavelength output (1310nm and 1550nm) enables fast and accurate insertion loss measurements. Once the user has set the reference with an optical power meter, the 580XL Laser source provides a stable output for hours of continuous measurements.

• 1310/1550nm wavelengths
• Stable calibrated output
• Easy to use
• Continuous wave and modulated output
• Fixed connector interface FC, SC or ST
• Long battery life – approx. 80 hours
• User selectable auto shut-off
• Rugged and splash-proof

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