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Psiber Cable Tracker Network ID Kit CKT-1015
The CableTracker Network ID Kit uses two different techniques to identify network cables and terminations. The Model 10 Signal Generator transmits a trace tone on the cable that is detected with the Model 15 Probe. When the Probe is near the correct cable pair or punchdown it indicates detection by emitting an audible signal at the frequency and with the same pattern that is selected on the Signal Generator. The Model 10 Signal Generator will identify the port connection on a switch or hub by transmitting Link pulses to the device. The Link light for the connected port blinks at a rate similar to the transmitted Link pulse.

The CABLETRACKER Network Tone and Probe Kit model CTK1015 is designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed. The CABLETRACKER Network Tone and Probe Kit features a Port ID function that blinks the link light verifying cable connectivity. This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify switch or hub port assignments on active networks. Three different blink rates are provided to ensure compatibility with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Traditional toning with two different tone frequencies and patterns is provided for non-active circuit tracing.

Connect the Model 10 to a wall outlet, select “Port ID” and then go to the hub or switch connected to the wall outlet. The Link light for the port connected to the wall outlet will blink at a rate similar to the pattern selected on the Model 10. Three patterns are provided.

Connect the Model 10 to a cable with the test leads and select “Short”. If a short is detected, the LED will stay on continuously otherwise the LED will blink. The short circuit test is available on pins 4,5 of the RJ-45 jack

Connect the Model 10 Signal Generator to an unterminated cable pair using the red and black test leads or to a wall outlet using the RJ-45 patch cable. The Model 10 transmits tone signals through the the test leads or the RJ-45 jack. Link pulses for Port Identification are only transmitted through the RJ-45 jack. An RJ-11 patch cable can be connected to the RJ-45 jack and the tone is transmitted on pair 4,5.

Connect the Model 10 Signal Generator to a cable or outlet, select either “LoTone” or “HiTone” and turn on the Model 15 Probe by pressing and holding the button. Place the probe tip near the cable or termination to be identified and the Probe emits an audible signal. The audible signal is loudest when the Probe is near the correct cable or termination point. The volume can be adjusted by rotating the thumbwheel located above the button. A red light from the light pipe indicates that the unit is on and the battery has adequate voltage.

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  • Activate Link Lights to Identify a Connected Hub or Switch Port
  • Transmits Four Audible Tones
  • RJ-45 Male or Female Connection
  • Detachable DMM Alligator Clips
  • Detects Short in Tested Wire Pair
  • Non-conductive probe tip
  • Power “On” indicator
  • Volume Control
  • Ergonomically Designed

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