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If you’re looking to Sell Rifocs 558B Tempo Fiber High Intensity Power Meter


  • +25 to -30dBm Measurement Range at 1310nm and 1550nm
  • 980nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm N.I.S.T Traceable Calibration Wavelengths
  • 2mm Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs) Photodetector
  • Easy to Use; Three Buttons Control All Functions
  • Relative Logarithmic dB and Absolute Logarithmic dBm Units
  • Multi-Wavelength Reference Storage
  • Snap-On Connector (SOC) Interface
  • Long Battery Life
  • User-Selectable Auto-Shutoff
  • Splashproof


Insertion Loss and Link Loss Testing
The Greenlee / Tempo / RIFOCS 558B is a high intensity, 2mm InGaAs optical power meter capable of measuring significantly higher power levels than the 555B (1mm InGaAs) and 557B (3 x 3.5mm Si) instruments. With a measurement range of +25 to -30dBm1, the 558B is particularly suited for performing measurements on CATV systems, optical amplifiers, and other high power devices. The 558B optical power meter can also be used for link loss testing of installed cable plants.

Output Power Measurements
The 558B optical power meter simplifies output power measurements of optical amplifiers, transmitters, and other high output light sources. The three calibration wavelengths, 2mm InGaAs photodetector, and wide dynamic range also make the 558B suitable for a variety of other high power measurements.

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  • RIFOCS 558B High Intensity Optical Power Meter
    • 980nm
    • 1310nm
    • 1550nm
  • SM FC-FC Fiber Cables
  • Carrying Case

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Selling Rifocs 523B – We Buy New Used 523B (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Rifocs 523B Singlemode Fiber Loss Test Set

RIFOCS 523B/523B Optical Power Meter Test Set


  • 1310nm/1550nm dual laser source
  • Optical power meter with 1mm indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) photodetector
  • Large, backlit 2.5 x 2 inch LCD display
  • Rugged, splashproof, balanced case
  • Protective rubber boot shields the optical ports from damage
  • Powered by a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack, four alkaline batteries, or AC adapter
  • Built-in NiMH battery charger with external power supply
  • Data storage for 1,000 measurements
  • RS232 interface for instrument configuration and data transfer to a PC-compatible workstation or serial printer
  • FiberWORKS® Connect application enables remote testing using the 523B-13/15 and data uploads or downloads
  • Pass/Fail testing with audible signal
  • Manual or timer-driven data logging for periods from one second to one hour

Insertion Loss and Link Loss Testing

With a typical output power of -7dBm from the laser source and a dynamic range of +3dBm to -75dBm, the 523B-13/15 is ideal for general single-mode and multimode fiber optic testing.

A large, backlit LCD display enables users to easily view measured optical power levels and the calibration wavelength in use. A color-coded, user-friendly keypad and simple, intuitive controls make optical power measurements, data storage and retrieval, and report printing easy and efficient.

Up to 1,000 separate data records—each containing a power reading, reference value, calibration wavelength, date, and time information—can be stored and retrieved from the instrument’s non-volatile memory. Stored measurement data can be printed via an RS232 port on the side of the instrument or downloaded to a PC-compatible workstation using fiberWORKS® Connect software by RIFOCS Corp. The 523B-13/15 can also be operated remotely, permitting the automation of tedious or complex measurement tasks.

A rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack or four AA-size alkaline batteries provide up to 14 hours of continuous operation (7 hours with the laser source in continuous wave mode). The 523B- 13/15 can also be operated for extended periods on the benchtop when used with an AC power supply.

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Selling Rifocs 160L – We Buy New Used 160L (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Rifocs 160L Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder

Rifocs Corp 160L Visual Fault Finder

Locating Breaks and Bending Losses
The 160L visual fault finder is an indispensable tool for quickly identifying bending losses and breaks in optical fibers. If a fiber is bent too tightly, red laser light will be seen escaping through the jacket. Likewise, if a fiber is broken, escaping light will be visible where the break is located.

Identifying Bad Ceramic Connectors
Ceramic connectors are easily tested using the 160L visual faul finder. A fiber broken inside, or past, the ferrule will cause it to glow. If the whole connector glows, it is definitely defective.

If the endface polish of the connector is bad, light will be reflected internally. This will also make the ferrule glow when the 160L is used.


  • Simple, versatile, and user-friendly design
  • Rugged, compact, and splashproof aluminum housing
  • High output 1.0mW (0dBm) 635nm red laser
  • Up to 3km range
  • Continous wave output mode for steady fault illumination
  • Blinking output mode increases viewing contrast
  • Easy to use “Quick Connect” interface fits all 2.5mm fiber optic connectors
  • Ergonomic rotary switch permits easy one-handed operation
  • Two AA-size alkaline batteries provide 48 hours of continous operation

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