Selling Tektronix TFS2020 – We Buy New TFS2020 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Tektronix TFS2020 FiberScout Optical Fault Finder

The TFS2020 FiberScout handheld optical fault finder is compact, lightweight and battery operated, making it easy to take it practically anywhere.

The FiberScout interprets the data for the user and provides a symbolic display that automatically identifies events and displays information about loss and distance.

To determine a fiber’s condition, simply connect the TFS2020 FiberScout to the fiber, turn it on and press the Start Test button. The fiber is automatically tested, and the results are displayed in straightforward manner with words and symbols. No mathematics to remember. No complex equations to use. No backscatter signals to interpret.

The Universal Short Range Port has an optical output wavelength of 850nm and a distance accuracy of +/-2m. The Long Range Port wavelength is 1300nm with a distance accuracy of +/-5m.


  • Simple Symbolic Display
    • Graphics
    • Event Descriptions
  • Fast Restoration Capability
  • Small, Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Easy One-button Operation
  • Low Cost – High Performance
  • Long Range
  • Multimode Short Range
  • Dual Port Capability
  • High Distance Accuracy
  • User-selectable Fault Thresholds
  • Internal Battery Operation
  • Internal Test Result Storage
  • RS-232C Output Port : PC Interface, Seiko DPU-201G Printer, Seiko DPU-411 Printer
  • PC Interface Software
  • Rackmount Available


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  • Tektronix TFS2020 FiberScout Handheld Optical Fault Finder
  • Fiber Cables:
    • SM FC-FC
    • MM FC-FC
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case w/ Strap


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Selling Tektronix Top140 – We Buy New Top140 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Tektronix Top140 SM MM Fiber Test Kit

TOP140 Optical Laser Sources
Universal connector interface (UCI)
>80 hours battery life
The TOP140 Optical Laser Source answers the need for small, rugged and truly versatile laser sources for use in installation, maintenance and testing of fiber optic systems. This laser source covers the most used singlemode transmission windows -1310 nm and 1550 nm. The TOP140 provides both CW and modulated output modes. In CW mode these instruments feature extremely stable output power. In the modulated mode the frequency may be set to 270 Hz, 1 kHz or 2 kHz.

All laser sources feature the Universal Connector Interface which adapts to all standard fiber optic connectors via a complete line of simple, screw-on/screw-off UCI adapters. (Laser class 1)

TOP200 Optical Power Meter

Set reference for different wavelengths
Save references for each wavelength
Universal (SOC) interface
>100 hours battery life
The TOP200 handheld optical power meter covers the full range of optical fiber applications. This instrument is quality engineered for field and lab personnel requiring a high performance, cost effective, compact and rugged optical power meter.

The TOP200 uses the Snap-On Connector (SOC) interface. Most industry standard fiber optic connectors can be accommodated, including FC, ST and SC.


The extraordinary design combines a state-of-the-art signal processor and microcomputer electronics to provide superb performance as well as simple and elegant operation with just three controls: ON/OFF, dBm/dB and lambda. A reference value can be set and also saved for each wavelength.

Buying, Selling, Trading Tektronix Top140

TOP300 Visual Fault Finder

Fault location to millimeter accuracy
Long battery life
The TOP300 Visual Fault Finder is specifically designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool to visually check continuity and integrity of fiber installations, during and after installation. Unlike many other visual fault finders, the high-efficiency laser diode operates at short wavelengths which makes the emitted light particularly visible.

Difficult-to-locate fiber breaks are easily detected when using the TOP300 visual fault finder. Whenever the fiber is interrupted, the light escapes the fiber and becomes visible to the operator. Precise pinpointing of problems is immediate and intuitive to the user.

The optical connection is via the precision Universal Connector Interface (UCI) which offers superior repeatability, longevity and ease of maintenance. (Laser class 1). The TOP300 features a stabilized output that can be used as a reference source in short wavelength LANs.


Optical Laser Source. 1550 nm (1520-1570 nm). Suitable for testing singlemode cables


Tektronix Tek Top140 Laser Source
Tektronix Tek Top150 Laser Source
Tektronix Tek Top200 Power Meter
Tektronix Tek Top300 VFL
Fiber Cables:
(2) SM FC-FC
(2) MM FC-FC
User Manual On CD-ROM
Carrying Case

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