Current post: Selling GN NetTest FSPP– We Buy New Used FSPP (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling GN NetTest FSPP– We Buy New Used FSPP (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell GN NetTest FSPP Fiber Optic Video Inspection Kit

GN NetTest FSPP Probe & Microscope
The Westover Scientific Video Fiber Inspection Probe is a portable, video microscope used to inspect fiber optic terminations. More specifically, the FSPP is used to inspect installed connectors that are located inside hardware devices or on the “backside” of patch panels. It eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection.

Patch Panels
Many patch panels feature a design wherein one connector is easily inspected (front), but the other is difficult to access (back). Inspecting the connector on the front side of the panel is commonly performed using a simple fiber inspection microscope. However, the backside connectors are not as easily inspected with traditional microscopes, thus requiring time consuming troubleshooting or neglect.

Hardware Devices and Test Equipment
Most hardware devices feature connectors, at the faceplate of a “box”, that lead to back-plane circuitry. These connectors are very difficult to access since they are built inside the device’s enclosure. If a contaminated jumper is inserted, the termination inside the device is now contaminated and contributes to signal loss. Many test equipment designs feature the same type of “back plane” fiber wherein a critical fiber termination lies just inside a piece of hardware.

Mil/Aero Connectors
Most Mil/Aero connectors are based on multiple fiber plugs that embody “Termini” ferrules. Typically, one end of the connector contains multiple “pins” and the other contains multiple “sockets”. In either case, you cannot inspect the terminations with a traditional microscope because you’re not able to “look” down into the holes. Therefore, manufacturers and users waste hours disassembling the connector to see if the terminations are clean. The FSPP system is ideally suited for inspecting these connectors while fully assembled.

Cable Assemblies
In addition to inspecting backside connectors through bulkhead adapters, the FSPP is available with an adapter tip for inspecting patch cables and cable assemblies. Inspecting every termination in today’s high bandwidth systems is a must. Carrying this one tool will handle all of your fiber inspection needs. Westover Scientific’s Video Fiber Inspection Probe was designed to quickly and effectively inspect all terminations  for positive determination of cleanliness and condition.

Hand-Held Display
Ergonomic Hand-held Display presents instant, sharp images with the 2.5” TFT Active Matrix LCD. Crisp, clear images of microscopic debris and/or ferrule damage are projected to the LCD display with a 530-micron field of view.

The display features a built-in NiMH rechargeable battery with an automatic shutoff function to preserve battery life. This selectable, shutoff interval can be set by the user.

This small, lightweight probe measures 4.5” long. It contains a long-life coaxial LED light source, and 1/3” CCD video camera. A small focusing mechanism is conveniently positioned in the probe handle. The probe accepts several connector specific tips.

The Probe tip mates with the female bulkhead or mating connector and precenters the image in the Display, thus eliminating the need to “find” the image by moving the probe around the connector. The 1.6 oz. probe holds itself in place for hands free operation.

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